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           From early childhood dogs played important role in my life. As a small girl I was rised with companion of brave smale pintcher. I was the only child of my parents so I played with him, teached him and entrusted him with my biggest secrets. But I always dreamed of a big companion. My dreams, maybe not completely but came true when I was visitting my grandparents, where I could take care of 4 german shephards - spending time on bathing them, combing and training them. As a teenager I started to be more interested in a show dogs, and the empty space when my pintcher left me was filled by female Sisi (Barbie Y.T.Fangor), a Yorkshire Terrier. And this was my beginning as a breeder of pedigree dogs. She was the one with whom I started to show on various shows but still in my head there was a dream of having a moloss one day... Unfortunatelly my mother was unbending always dissuading me from idea of having a Great Dane. Only as a young lady for my own hard collected money, after consulting veterinarians and other breeders I was directed to founder of Great Dane Club and President of Molosss Secition (in ZKwP) and by taking his advice I bought my first blue Great Dane, Gusia (NEGRESSA Medium). She prove to be a great representant of the breed and gave a beginning of breeding great danes under name MARGAREJRO... Few years ago I started to miss some unconventional dog and so I have chosen a Perro Sin Pelo del Peru (Peruvian Naked Dog). From Czech came to us female Jaki (JAQUELINE Taschi-Rimpo). At this moment my life is filled with flock of doggies, yorkshires and peruvians and now also cats. My whole family helps me with the joy of my passion, my little daughter Karina loves all pets and at the same time is learning also responsibility. We moved from Warsaw to a lovely village so my passion could be a pleasure and dogs could be happy. And my mother that was for so many years satunched opponent of big dogs in the house, when her only daughter moved out fell in love with her little "son", weighting just 90kg Dogge - Florek (ZORBA Margarejo) and gave him place on the couch.

           Our animals are leaving with us at home. A wing of the house with rooms is assigned to them (totally 90m2), outside they have few different sizes run - total 15 000m2. On the biggest one there is a pond, when the weather is nice most of the time they spend outside during fun, running, swimming and sleeping :-)

and that's how our kennel looks...