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Perro Sin Pelo del Peru - Peruwian Hairless Dog - INCA ORCHID MOONFLOWER DOG.


- small - weight: 5-8kg, height: 25-40cm;
- medium - weight: 8-12kg, height: 40-50cm;
- large - weight: 12-25kg, height: 50-65cm;

In on litter there can be born puppies in different sizes.


In one litter there can be born puppies hairless and coated. Hairless dogs have no coat at whole body, there can be only a little shag and hairs at end of tail and legs. The skin is in colours from black by tones of greyness, brown, beige and gold. There are one colour, bicolours and sometimes even tricolours. Sometimes they have white marks on legs and belly. Their skin changes colour according to season. On the sun they are sun bathing and getting darker. In winter when skin doesn't have to much of sun lights it might be even white.

Coated dogs have coat in colour from black to white. The hair can be short and smooth just like f.e. Great Dane, but also halflong like f.e. Retrievers.

Country of Origin: PERU
Lenght of the life: 12-18 years


Spontaneous, loves to move and run. Doesn't need a lot of time for his runs, and at home he is very calm. Durin summer he lovves to spent time outside on the sun. During winter he can stay almost all the time inside he would ned only short walks for "pee".


perros accompanied people for a long time. They were pictued in villages, where you can find a traces of civilisations older than Inks ! But the Incas themselves highly valued hairless dogs and took care of bloodline clearness. Because of the colour of their skin they were kept in homes and greenhouses, where the orchids were planted.In this way, dogs were protected from sun light, and their skin was bright, almost white what was valued by ancient lovers of this breed. That's why later the name of the breed (which was made by Spanish inquisitors) sounded INCA ORCHID MOONFLOWER DOG.


Perro Sin Pelo del Peru is a noble animal, full of reserve, emotional, attached to family, watchful, always ready to protect his owner, distrustful towards strangers, he needs time to get to know with unknown for him, but mostly he likes people, non conflict, he needs kind treatment from human. He is very intelligent and he feels instinctively people who are set toward him negative. He is excellent company dog, because to this role he was bred for hundreds of years. He feels good in flat. Because of his psychic and look he reminds a greyhound. His passion is chasing/pursuing, and because of that he is excellent on coursings. Hairless and coated dogs in many countries over the world are really liked by the trainers, whos passion are tournaments.


Contrary to their gentleness and fragility you should treat this nude as a strong breed. This breed is extremely healthy and long-lived. Finally, this dogs exists for hundreds of years and they are doing well in Peru mountains - completely without human help, what testify about their good health and toughness made by natural selection. In Peru the most value individuals are catched in mountains, where they were born as free "Mustangs". Beside of no coat and part of premolars, they seemed to not have any genetic disorders. In many ways, they are more persistent than other breeds. But, you have remember that they come from hot climate and that they are hairless, that's why the give away faster heat than the coated dogs. That's why in our climate, in winter they should go out for very short walks or they should wear some clothes. Taking care is really stanrad - cutting nails, and if there is any need - bath with soap for body with neutral PH. In order to smooth skin YOU CAN, but it's not necessery - use body peeling and moisturizing cream after a bath. When there are very sunny days, and dog has to spend long time outside, you can use cream with UV filter because of harmful radiation, but once more I like to underline - we should not exaggerate. Any cosmetical interventions about the skin are caused by our neednes, to have a smooth and soft in touch skin. More skin is gently is also more vulnerable for atmosphere factors.